The Perfectly Organized Office

fresh-design-large-home-office-interiorHave you ever wished your office was Streamlined, Neat, and Inviting to work in?

Learn and practice these Mantras on your path to a Happy Office.

1. “Touch it Once”
Paper, paper, paper! If you touch it, you must either file it or throw it out.
Begin by making three files. To do. Bills. To File.
Now, anything that lands on your desk has somewhere to go.

2. “Environmental Clutter Creates Emotional Clutter”
Every time you walk away from your desk, clear it. Upon returning you see an empty, spacious surface. See the space clear and think clearly.

3. “A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place”
Place everything you need within reach. For the best Productivity it’s best to be able to reach what you need from your seat. Each time you get up from your desk, you break your energy flow.

4. “Cultivate a New Habit”
When you sit down at your desk, do a full hour of your own work before looking at your emails.

5. “Ignore your Inner Junk Collector”
How many pens, pencils, and cutesy office supplies do you really need?

Have a happy, productive day!

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