Exterior Home Design

Home design isn’t just about the inside. Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about your home’s exterior. Your front entrance adds to your overall curb appeal and should have a welcoming feel.

Fill some large decorative planters with a mix of different plants to create a unique look. Geraniums, Ivy and Caladium really work well together and make a bold statement outside your front entrance.

If you have trees in the front yard of your property, try planting some flowers such as Impatiens around them. Pick a vibrant color to create a contrast against your green lawn. Don’t be too concerned on the spacing as they will spread and fill in throughout the summer months giving it a natural look.Impatiens

You can also put some potted flowers on the sides of your garage door. They add a pop of color to an otherwise boring part of your home.

Happy Planting!

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