The 7 Best Ways to Work with a Decorator

1. Be sure to find a decorator who is a good listener and understands your taste.

2. Collect pictures of what you like and keep them all in one place either in a folder on your computer or in a 3-ring binder.

3. Read through the business agreement and ask questions so you are sure about what to expect.

4. Keep another folder or binder for all your notes and costs.

5. Remember how fortunate you are to have the luxury of hiring a designer. Design takes time. Relax, and enjoy the process! The design is in the details. You may know what you like and your designer knows how to find and source all the elements that create the look.

6. Be willing to participate although you’d like it all to be done for you, you may still need to empty out a closet, or a room, be home for deliveries.

7. Plan your time to be fully present in meetings to take full advantage of the time with your decorator so you understand the details.


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