Some great ideas for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day here in just a few short weeks, you’ve probably been thinking…’What can I get Dad?’

Father's Day

Look no further! What Dad wouldn’t appreciate a makeover of his current ‘man cave’ or how about a new one? This project doesn’t have to break the bank. By adding just a few things and making the space comfortable, you can transform a room.

A few ideas –Benjamin Moore

Personalized Bar Signs
Monogrammed glassware to display on a tray
Wall mounted bottle openers
Colorful and fun throw pillows

And what room can’t always use a new coat of paint! One of my favorites is Taupetone by Benjamin Moore.

The color is masculine, but yet has a simple soft side to it. It provides versatility to be able to mix in any color.

Another great ‘personalized’ idea for Dad’s man cave that I just love is to purchase a simple frame – preferably black that is about 11 x 14. It should be one that is similar to a shadow box – something about 2” wide. Dad can put his used wine corks and beer tops in it! What’s more personal than that!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock, WindNight
Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore –

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