Kitchen Back Splash Options


ConsiderIt seems that there are so many choices when you are renovating or designing a new kitchen.

In my opinion, one of the toughest choices is what to do for a back splash. There is metal, stainless steel, specialty mosaic tiles, ceramic tile, glass tile, stone, brick, wood, marble, granite – the list is endless! So, how do you decide which to use?

Some things to consider before making your final choice:

  1. Kitchen Design – is your kitchen design modern, farmhouse rustic, Tuscany?
  2. Budget – can your budget accommodate a higher end choice?
  3. Durability – if you plan to stay in your home, choose something that will last such as stainless steel.
  4. Easy to clean – tile with grout lines can be difficult to clean.
  5. Consider the countertops – you may not want to choose a back splash that is too busy with the countertops. This is why back splashes are usually not decided on until the cabinets and countertops are chosen.

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