Happy Spring!

With spring beginning in just a few days, you might want to consider some home interior design changes.

Try bringing in more whites. Slipcovers are a great way to change up your existing furniture. If you can go white in your family room, do it. Mix in a combination of vibrant colors such as yellow or magenta by bringing in some pillows as seen below.

Seasonal flowers bring the outside in and create a more modern look. My favorite spring flowers are Daffodils. They have an average vase life of about five days. Fill the water about half way to the top and keep them in a cool place to lengthen their life.

Trays in different shapes, sizes and colors really make a statement, as well as serve a dual purpose. Use them in place of coasters to hold drinks. They also function as an organizing tool. Stack a few of your favorite books or use the tray to corral a candle grouping.

Happy Spring!

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