Confused about Lighting???

Flattering Lighting

Lighting is a very important part of the complete design of a room.
The right illumination influences the mood of your home and how people look and feel in the space.

Blend a variety of lighting techniques to LAYER the effect.
1. GENERAL LIGHTING – consists of recessed fixtures for overall effect.
2. AMBIENT LIGHTING – fills the volume of a room with illumination using wall sconces and indirect cove lighting.
3. DECORATIVE LIGHTING – includes pendants and chandeliers for dining rooms, kitchen islands, and game tables, as well as table lamps and sconces.
4. ACCENT LIGHTING – such as adjustable recessed or track fixtures will provide sparkle to bring out the beauty of art, architecture, and accessories.
5. TASK LIGHTING – is designed for work surfaces so shadowless light is present on the very spot it is needed most for work or reading.

DIMMERS are a must and will make your lighting selections more versatile, allowing you to easily alter the functionality of a room depending on its usage, like a dining room table being used for homework or a romantic dinner.

You can select the most beautiful furnishings, fabrics, colors and accessories but without a good lighting design, it can all go unnoticed. Good lighting COMPLIMENTS every detail.

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